Thai police praised online for the way they handle drunk tourist

The police in Thailand often come under heavy criticism online so it’s nice to see a story for a change where the internet community is as a whole praising the actions of two officers in Sattahip.

Police were alerted by a worried member of public that a drunk tourist had fallen asleep at a bus stop outside of Tesco Lotus.

Police constables Wasan and Udomchai were dispatched to deal with the situation who said they attempted to wake the tourist but he was unresponsive, they noted that he smelt of alcohol.

Thai police praised online for the way they handle drunk tourist

They said that the man had committed no offense so decided to sit with him until the sun went down roughly 30-minutes later.

After another attempt to wake the man failed and realising that they could be there all night the two officers made the decision to take the inebriated man to the Sattahip Police Station where he could sleep it off safely and they could attempt to contact a member of his family.

Many commented online on what a fine job the officers did in handling the situation saying that it showed they genuinely cared for the individual.

There was no mention in the report as to where the tourist came from.

Source : Thairath

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