Swede Charges After Girlfriend Falls From Pattaya Balcony

A Thai women allegedly fell from the eighth floor of a Pratumnak apartment, following an argument with her Swedish husband.

Sixty-year-old Jamriang Klamngern, a worker at the residence, saw bedding falling from above then spotted the woman lying in a pool of blood.

Thanawat Jitiwat, 24, was still breathing but suffered serious injuries as a result of the fall.Swede Charges After Girlfriend Falls From Pattaya Balcony

Emergency services were called and transferred the woman to hospital.

Police found Marcus Sten Tapio Karhapaa from Sweden on his knees, sobbing over his wife’s body.

The thirty-four-year-old told police that the lady had been living with him for four years. He said she was mute and unable to talk.

Swede Charges After Girlfriend Falls From Pattaya Balcony

He claimed to have argued with her, during which, she climbed onto the balcony and threatened to jump. He tried to prevent her from doing so but in the commotion she fell.

Police found evidence of a struggle within the room.

Investigations continue as police do not believe the Swede’s version of events. He is being detained while evidence is collated.


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