A group of Myanmar refugees walk along a street before crossing to Myawaddi town at the Thai-Myanmar border town of Mae Sot. Thailand has heeded Myanmar’s request to halt the construction of the two-kilometer-long road designed to pass Rim Moei village in Mae Sot

Thai authorities have suspended the construction of a road near a “No Man’s Land” islet in a river between Thailand and Myanmar at the request of their neighbours, said a Thai army source on Saturday.

Myanmar troops in Myawaddy township alleged that the road was being built in “questionable proximity” to the islet, locally called “No Man’s Land”, in Moei River, which divides the two neighbouring countries, the army source said.

They called on a task force of Thailand’s 14th Infantry Regiment in Mae Sot district of Tak province, about 478 kilometers northwest of Bangkok, to halt the construction of the road and open talk about it, he said.

The two-kilometer-long road is designed to pass Rim Moei village in Mae Sot district, across the river from Myawaddy township in Myanmar’s Kayin state.

The Thai army task force has done as requested by the Myanmar troops and managed to have officials of the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning temporarily suspend the construction of the road on the Thai side of the border, the army source said.

The talk, proposed by the Myanmar side, is yet to be scheduled, he said.

Source : khmertimeskh


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