Thief steals safe, leaves on bike to get drunk on Pattaya Beach

Surely if you go as far as to steal a safe you wouldn’t just leave it strapped to the back of a motorbike and go drinking on the beach to the point where you pass out would you?

Well it appears that’s exactly what one 19-year-old man from Bangkok did after he stole a safe from his grandfather and headed to Pattaya.

Thief steals safe, leaves on bike to get drunk on Pattaya Beach

The drunken Thanapon U-Charoen was arrested on November 14 when he eventually returned to his motorcycle a Honda MSX which he had left parked outside of Hooters on Beach Road.

Police became suspicious after spotting the safe protruding out from under a sheet strapped to the back of the young man’s bike.

At the police station Thanapon admitted to stealing the safe from his 80-year-old grandfather in Bangkok and told officers that he needed the money to pay off gambling debts he had racked up betting on football.

Police said that Thanapon stated that he had stolen from family members many times before.

Thanapon said he fled Bangkok with the safe and headed for Pattaya where he decided to have a few beers on the beach before passing out, when he awoke he was allegedly going to search for a locksmith to help open the safe.

Thief steals safe, leaves on bike to get drunk on Pattaya Beach

Police contacted the 80-year-old grandfather, Supakit Suranaowarat who travelled to Pattaya to claim his belongings but was unable to recall the safes combination so in the end a locksmith was needed.

Once the safe was open it was found to contain a gold ornament worth roughly 200,000 baht, gold jewellery and 65,000 baht in cash along with Supakit’s bank books.

The belongings were returned to Supakit and the now sober Thanapon was handed over to Bangkok police for prosecution.

Source : Khaosod

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