Anyone who lives in the wonderful city city of Pattaya knows the daily dangers people have to endure on the city’s roads. The dangers faced even crossing the street or walking on the pavements is far from fun due to the poor standard of driving and of course the flaunting of the driving laws.

Despite having probably the highest death rate in the world on the roads of Thailand, people still come to Pattaya and head straight for the motorbike rental shop, often having no experience of riding a two wheeled vehicle.

But before you hire a motorbike – take a look at this video issued by the local authorities, which shows the dangers of riding a bike around the city.

Thinking Of Renting A Motorbike In Pattaya? Think Twice

The blame is often the fault of the riders but in some instances, motorbike riders lives are put at risk due to the thoughtless acts of other road users.

Junctions are a particularly dangerous place to be, especially in heavy traffic. Watch as bike riders try to beat the oncoming traffic and fail or as drivers jump red lights, heading straight into the danger zone.

Undertaking and overtaking brings its own craziness and often results in injury or death.

Video: Thinking Of Renting A Motorbike In Pattaya? Think Twice

In some incidents it appears that some people actually wait until there is a high risk of an accident before making their move. Three or four on a bike with no helmets will seem like complete madness to many tourists but it is not uncommon in Pattaya.

Expect to see babies being carried in their mother’s arms on the back of a bike or even the family dog being transported, unsecured.

Enjoy the video and its message – which is simple. Think before renting a bike and if you do take the plunge, be careful.

Source: Thai Visa

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