Three Illegal Dumper Caught In Pattaya

Now here is a story that many property owners will take great joy in reading.

Police have taken action following a request from the mayor earlier this week, concerning the illegal dumping of rubbish.

On Wednesday evening, police officers caught up with people who had been dumping rubbish behind Tesco Lotus in North Pattaya.

Three Illegal Dumper Caught In Pattaya

They had been observing the suspects before following their vehicle to a spot where they believed they were guilty of disposing their unwanted waste.

As they began the process of unloading their rubbish, the officers stepped in and arrested three men, a 46-year-old Thai man and his two young Cambodian accomplices.

These guys had been dumping rubbish at the same spot for a number of weeks but have finally been captured.

Three Illegal Dumper Caught In Pattaya

The scene was a mess but the smell was atrocious according to witnesses.

Action was taken following complaints from locals about the horrid smell coming from the area.

The organiser claimed he was hired by the A1 Hotel on Beach Road but a number of other businesses used his services.

Any spare land in Pattaya is more or less used to dump waste resulting in a disgusting stench and rats. People who live near these areas are at risk from disease but yet the problem is allowed to continue.

If you want to put an end to the illegal dumps near you, call the police and keep calling them until someone takes action.

Source : Pattayaone

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