A press conference was held on Friday (October 20) to announce that a joint effort from Pattaya tourist police and Chonburi Provincial Police had resulted in the arrest of three Iranian tourists who were attempting to exchange counterfeit US Dollars in Pattaya.

The three men arrested were identified as Majid Shokri, 30, Hamid Moutabchi, 36 and Mahdi Latifi, 31.

Following an attempt to exchange $200 of genuine US currency and a counterfeit $100 bill a total of $300 of currency at the Winner’s Excellent Exchange both on Soi 6 in Pattaya officers then followed the trio to their hotel.

Officers then searched their hotel room finding a further eight $100 counterfeit bills, which they seized as evidence.

The trio confessed to officers that this was their first time in Thailand and that they brought the notes from a friend in Iran.

They admitted to trying to use a mixture of genuine and fake currency in an effort to prevent to forgeries from being picked up at exchange booths, however their attempt failed.

The three were arrested for trying to exchange forged bank notes. 

Source: PattayaOne

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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