Three Lads Steal Washing Machine Cash

Pattaya police caught three youngsters carrying bags full of ten baht coins in the early hours of Thursday morning.

They found the threesome walking along a road in south Pattaya, capturing two of them as a third fled the scene.

Three Lads Steal Washing Machine CashThree Lads Steal Washing Machine Cash

Both boys, who were 13-years-old, had a number of bags containing the 10 baht coins on their possession. The admitted they has stolen the money from washing machines outside a nearby shop.

Police discovered the coin slots of the washing machines had been forced from the appliances and dumped at the side of the street.

The boys claimed they had never done anything like this before and that it was an opportunist theft.

The lads stole the money so the could go and eat nice food with friends.

The third boy is still being sought by police.

Source : Pattayaone

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