The number of tourists coming to Pattaya is on the rise according to Thailand’s Business and Tourism Chief Ekasit Ngampichet who said when asked about the high season situation in Pattaya “we can start to smile.”

The comments surfaced online on the Sophon Cable TV Facebook page which following some recent bad press from the International Fleet Review because of flooding around the city now they are saying things are looking very promising for the popular beach resort city.

Ekasit acknowledged that Chinese tour groups still maintained the majority of tourists arriving in Pattaya, however tourist arrivals from Europe had risen by 10 percent he noted.

It is Free Independent Tourists which are causing the most excitement, Free Independent Tourists are basically tourists not associated with group tours at all and they were apparently up by 30 percent.

It was reported that Free Independent Tourists are highly coveted by the Thai government as they tend to spend more money while here than those on group tours, thus providing more money to the Thai economy.

It was also noted that the trend of booking holidays is changing in the past people booked last minute to get the best deal on both flights and hotels, however with the internet changing the way business is conducted people now book long in advance to get the best rates.

Source: Sophon Cable

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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