It’s pretty safe to say one tourist from Dubai didn’t have a very good weekend after getting trapped in a lift for two hours before rescue workers were eventually able to free him.

Ahmad, 27 was staying at The Point Residence in South Pattaya and had been visiting a friend on a different floor, when returning to his own room the lift malfunctioned and left him trapped inside on the fourth floor in the early hours of Sunday morning.

After attempts to shout for aid went unanswered Ahmad video-called his friend who was staying in the same hotel who was then able to alert hotel staff to the situation.

Tourist from Dubai stuck in a lift in Pattaya for 2 hours

Rescue worker from the Sawang Boriboon foundation were quickly on the scene and using heavy duty equipment were able to free the stricken tourist.

Tourist from Dubai stuck in a lift in Pattaya for 2 hours

Many commented online that the elevator should be equipped with CCTV or at very least an emergency call button.

Source: TNews

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