Pattaya police have started running simulated drills in an effort to crack down on “snatch and grab” type thefts

normally carried out via motorbike the perpetrator grabs a person’s handbag or mobile phone and speeding off before the victim has time to react.

Pattaya Police Train To Stop Bag Snatching Thieves On Motorbikes

The first of the drills happened on July 13th overseen by Pol. Lt. Col. KornSamakanay, a simulated snatch and grab scenario was acted out.

Two “thieves” on motorbikes stole a handbag from a “tourist” on Pratamnak Hill before speeding off in the direction of Jomtien Beach.

The victim called in the report and officers quickly responded to the scene taking a description and called for backup to track down the mock thieves.

Traffic police were organized along likely routes the bikers would be taking and were apprehended on ThepprasitSoi 7.

The drills are aimed to improve police response times and give tourists and residents a greater feeling of security.

Source : Khaosod

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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