Two suspected Malaysian “scammers” thought they had evaded arrest by the Thai authorities when they arrived at Sadao Immigration checkpoint in southern Thailand and were only minutes away from entering Malaysia.

However, luck was not on their side as the Thai immigration police had been notified about their alleged crime and had been waiting for them since.

“We (Thai Police) detected the presence of the two Malaysian men about 10pm (local time) last Sept 25 at the Sadao Immigration checkpoint and made the arrest, just minutes before they crossed the border into Malaysia,” said deputy head of tourist police bureau Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal to the media here.

The police, he said, had been on the hunt for the two men ever since a young Thai woman made a police report about them.

The woman claimed she was scammed by a “Romance Scam” syndicate perpetrated by Malaysian men.

According to Surachet, the two Malaysian men were part of a “Romance Scam” transnational syndicate.

He said police recovered 40 bank accounts from the two Malaysian suspects and would summon all the names that appeared on the bank accounts to facilitate their investigation into the syndicate’s activities.

He said a Malaysian woman, believed to be also a member of the syndicate, managed to evade arrest by the Thai Police and was believed to be in Malaysia now.

Surachet said based on the report lodged by the Thai woman, she lost a total of 6.4 million Baht (about RM810,000) during three months of “romance” through “We Chat” application with one of the Malaysians who portrayed himself as a young and successful businessman.

The Malaysian man, who used a fake profile picture of a good looking Chinese man, had also promised to marry the Thai woman.

“The woman claimed the Malaysian man persuaded her to transfer the money for an investment in stock market,” he said, adding that the victim transferred the money via 56 banking transactions ranging from 100,000 Baht (about RM12, 658) to 1 million Baht (about RM126,000) per-transfer.

Meanwhile, source from the Thai police told Bernama that the “Romance Scam” activities operated by the two Malaysians was believed to be based in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

“They (the Malaysians) transferred some of the money to Hong Kong bank accounts,” he said, adding that this led police to believe that the syndicate operated out of neighbouring Malaysia and Hong Kong and targeted Thai women.

The Thai police he said, would seek the assistance of their Malaysian counterpart in the investigation, including to locate the Malaysian woman who managed to flee before her two compatriots were arrested in Sadao.

Source : nst


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