Immigration officials noticed something wasn’t quite right on Tuesday after spotting some irregularities in the passports of two men who were claiming to be from Iran

Officials noticed that the photo pages of both passports appeared to have been doctored and their suspicions were confirmed after using a VSC-6000 machine.

The men both aged 36 said they had been staying in Pattaya and identified themselves as Mayam Firuzbakt and Maseya Raskardani.

Two men busted in Pattaya trying to extend visas with fake passports

They had managed to enter the country on a 30 day tourist visa where officials had failed to spot their passports as being forgeries at the time.

They are now being questioned by Pattaya police to find out what they had been doing since entering the country and why they were carrying fake documentation.

Source : Dailynews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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