Cobra found in toilet

Two Metre Cobra Removed From Chonburi Toilet

It is not uncommon for large snakes to be found hanging around the toilets of Thailand but when it’s a two metre cobra that has taken up residence in your “hongnam”, you get out of their fast!

Rescue workers were called to a house in Phan Thong district of Chonburi where they had the remove the deadly reptile.

Cobra found in toilet

Tanyarat Youngsook said she went to use the toilet at her parents home but noticed the water in the bowl was murky. She flushed the toilet before using it and to her horror, the cobra emerged from the depths of her loo.

Cobra found in toilet

The lady screamed and bolted from the room as fast as she could before alerting rescue workers.

Good job she didn’t bare all first. She could have got more than a shock!


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