Two Pattaya Students Get 100% In Tough Exams

The city of Pattaya can be proud today as two young students claimed a perfect score in their exams with a clean 100%.

The lads success came in maths and English studies as they took the O-net tests in the Thai system. One of the boys is a Thai national and the other is a Filipino, who has studied in Pattaya.

Chotiwat Premprasertsuk, who is a M6 pupil at Photisamphan Pithakarn School obtained his score in the maths test.

Two Pattaya Students Get 100% In Tough Exams

He said that he is from a normal family, who insist on hard word at school. He wasn’t someone who was into reading outside of class but always worked tirelessly in school. At first school did not interest him but he became a good student over the last three years.

Yuri Genesis Kapis a Year 3A student at the international program at Thailand Educational Hub, got 100% in English.

Two Pattaya Students Get 100% In Tough Exams

Yuri said the test was demanding but was very happy with his results. He also said his family were strict when it came to studying, banning him from using his mobile phone from Monday to Friday. At the weekend, he is allowed to do more or less as he pleased.

He also thanked his mother, who was always there to help with homework and praised his teacher for assisting with questions he had throughout the year.

Well done lads. Keep up the good work and make Pattaya proud of you.

Source : SophonCable

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