Two Year Old Child Injured After Being Struck By Volunteer Police At Checkpoint In Pattaya

A mother of a two year old child claims her son was knocked unconscious after a volunteer police hit him with a baton last night in Pattaya.

The Siam Ruamjai (Pu-in) Foundation reports that just after midnight this morning a two year old boy Silan ‘Nong Sam’ Ninkham was being treated at the Bang Lamung Hospital in Chon Buri after allegedly being hit on his head with a ‘stick’.

His mother, 25 year old Kanya Tomklang, says she, her husband and her son were going out to eat. When they saw a police checkpoint, they veered away to try and avoid a fine.

But she says a man dressed in black used a truncheon to hit her son.

He tried another strike but her husband kicked him to prevent further injury.

Police are continuing their investigation over the incident.


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