The Land Transportation Department (LTD) has been cracking down on Uber drivers in Pattaya.

Mr. Somchai Ratkaew, an inspector with the LTD was accompanied by police and soldiers when they set up a sting to capture drivers working for Uber.

Firstly they booked a car via the Uber app. When a Toyota Camry arrived, an undercover officer told the driver to take him to a hotel.

The driver, a Mr. Somchai Ratkaew duly followed the instructions but when he arrived at their destination, he was promptly fined 2000 baht.

Uber Driver Caught And Fined In Pattaya

Uber is illegal in Thailand because the cars are not licensed, nor do they have the correct insurance for business use.

Mr. Ratkaew said drivers will be fined 2000 baht and faced losing his or her licence for up to six months. This of course assumes that they actually have a driving licence in the first place.

Have you used Uber in Thailand? How popular is it?

Source : Pattayadailynews

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  1. Instead of cracking down on Uber the authorities should rather have a look at the pathetic and money-grabbing “Meter Taxis” which never agree to use a Meter, charging incredible amount of money, unfriendly and often incompetent drivers, questionable cars. Insurance? Uber covers the passenger insurance in case of an accident. Are Baht buses insured for passenger injuries?

  2. quickly, if they don’t have correct insurance i might as well walk on a highway and hope i dont get hit same out come


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