Sohpon Cable TV have released a video showing Pattaya polices recent efforts to catch people illegally staying in the beach resort city with Pattaya Station Chief Col Apichai krobpetch proudly showing of the latest individuals rounded up for overstaying their visas or illegally entering the kingdom.

Speaking about the arrests Chief Apichai said Pattaya police and Tourist Police had been working in connection to carry out a series of operations which have resulted in the arrest of 19 individuals from countries including Great Briton, USA, Canada, India and Cambodia.

Video: 19 people arrested in Pattaya for illegal entry or overstaying

It was stated some of those arrested had entered the kingdom illegally while others had overstayed their visas, some were apparently working illegally in jobs reserved for Thai’s, however when asked to elaborate further on which jobs Chief Apichai said the investigation was still ongoing.

Source: Sophon Cable TV

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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