There’s a new viral video doing the rounds on Thai social media and this one shows a less than happy deputy chief of the Chonburi province after a walk along the beach.

Phisit Prorungroj was videoed marching along the beach pointing out for all to see the various items of rubbish that had been discarded by tourists.

To say the least the chief was very unhappy with the general public who had discarded all sorts of items from plastic and glass bottles to rubber foam.

It seems it all gets a little too much for the chief who turns to the camera and states that he’s not having it!

The trash problem has now resulted in the chief saying that he will not allow the street to be closed for a New Year’s Party, instead the organisers will have to hold it outside of the courts, why there, who knows but he ends his declamation with a very curt salute.

Some commented online that there appeared to be very few rubbish bins in the footage or in the area in general which might be encouraging people to litter.

Source: TNews

Content : Love Pattaya Thailand


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