It seems two paragliders have caused a little trouble on the peaceful island of Koh Larn off of Pattaya yesterday when they accidently landed on several sunbathing tourists leading to Sanook demanding something be done by local authorities.

A video posted online shows a man of Indian appearance and a westerner strapped together somehow narrowly miss an electricity pole before crashing through beach umbrellas onto unsuspecting tourists below.

Thankful those involved only suffered minor injuries and there was a few broken umbrellas which didn’t go down to well with vendors.

A Japanese tourist at the beach when the incident took place told spoke to reporters and said that paragliders should not use the area as it was not appropriate.

This apparently isn’t the first time paragliders have caused accidents on the popular tourist beach, this time the riders apparently misjudged the direction of the wind.

Sanook requested that the local authorities do more to control where the “extreme sport” takes place for everyone’s safety.

The names of the two men seen in the footage were not released.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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