At 01.00 am on June 24, 2018, Pattaya police officers in Chonburi were notified of physical injury that happened at Pattaya Klang Road involving 2 farrangs and one taxi bike driver

The motorcycle taxi bike driver (Nasorn Klaisorn) was carrying a 70-year-old Australian passenger and cut in front of a British (Winson Mark James) man’s car, after a bit of commotion the 70 year old Aussie decided to flip the English man the bird,
the British man furious with the incident and decided to follow the taxi bike driver and passenger to get his revenge!


After catching up to the taxi bike the Brit and the Aussie decided to go at it like Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor, after a few haymakers the old Aussie was left with broken teeth and blood pouring out of his mouth.

People at the incident managed to stop the fight and keep all parties involved at the scene until Pattaya Police arrived. It was said that Winson Mark James 49 years old from England and his wife owner of a Pattaya beer bar was furious at the scene of the crime.


The motorcycle driver accepted that it was his fault by cutting off the car.

The British man’s wife said he was not drunk, He was only angry because the Australian man gave him the middle finger.

Source : Siamchonnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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