A woman was killed crossing a busy road in Chonburi as she used her mobile phone.

Video footage shows the moment Sudchada Buripia, 40, is hurled into the air as she is hit by a car in the Si Racha district.

She is seen walking across the first three lanes but appeared oblivious to the danger approaching from the fourth lane. A silver coloured Honda then appears and send her flying through the air onto another vehicle.

Mungkorn Somsud, who was driving the Honda said “she appeared from nowhere.”

Sudchada was taken to hospital, where she died as a result of injuries sustained.

No charges have been pressed against the driver.

If ever there is a case for putting your mobile away, this is it.

Our condolences go to Sudchada’s family and friends.

Source : Khaosodenglish

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. In the process of forming PAUSE (phone and user safety education) its becoming a massive problem now people need to be aware of the dangers of mobile phone usage rip the lady in the video everybody please use her unfortunate curcumstance as a warning

  2. The worst thing is, she was probably talking trivia. Very sad for her family and friends but hopefully a lesson to all of you addicted to your phone. Literally, put it down and get a life.


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