Two Thai friend were just having a peaceful afternoon out on Chonburi’s Sam Muk Hill when a cheeky monkey decided that it obviously rather liked the look of one of the young men’s phones and before they knew what had happened made off with it.

However it seems that the monkey thief must be rather tech savvy as it managed to answer a video call and send a wave on Facebook according to the phones owner Mongkol Wisulokanon, 25.

Mongkol and his friend “Met” were out enjoying the sunshine taking photos in the area famed for its large monkey population when the cheeky primate jumped onto their bike and stole the phone which was in the front basket of the bike.

Thai man claims monkey stole his phone then had a video call with him

The two men attempted to chase after the monkey but were unable to catch it so decided to call the phone hoping that its vibrating would spook the monkey into dropping the device when this didn’t work he started a video call and to his amazement the monkey allegedly answered.

He posted the account to social media which generated a lot of light heighted jokes and comments and attached a screenshot of the video call.

Thai man claims monkey stole his phone then had a video call with him

In the post he noted that the monkey once done with the call even sent a wave on Facebook messenger and jokingly pointed out if you call his phone it will be a monkey that picks it up.

Speaking to reporters Mongkol said “if the monkey wants the phone then let him have it, I’m not angry.”

There have been many reports of monkeys often stealing people’s food and occasionally the odd shiny object but this is the first report of a monkey stealing a phone and taking a call who knows maybe this is the start to the planet of the apes?

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