Think you have seen it all? Maybe not after you read the latest from Chonburi.

A video clip has emerged showing a gentleman making a hole on a motorbike seat before proceeding to have sex with it.

Seriously? Sex with a motorbike?

Not only does it show him having intercourse with the machine but he appears to be in love with it or indeed many bikes as he is witnessed caressing them or examining the bikes until he finds a suitable lover.

The video lasts for around five minutes and even shows the man smoking a cigarette in the middle of his love making.

The bike was parked within the student quarters of the university as cameras catch him creating a vaginal like opening on the seat before straddling the bike facing the back of the machine and having his wicked way with the defenceless bike.

It then seems that something or someone disturbs him so he calmly adjusts himself and departs the vicinity.

Amazingly this is not his first encounter riding a bike. Images of the sexual apertures were posted on Facebook following his last encounter with two other bikes.

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