happy zone

Following the recent stories in British press, which claimed that Pattaya was the sex capital of the world using such terms as “SinCity”, when describing the resort, Chon Buri authorities are settingup a “Happy Zone” area in Pattaya.

A meeting was initiated on Monday evening by Chon Buri’s police chief Pol Maj-General Somprasong Yentuam and attended by many business owners/managers from Walking Street.

As a result of the meeting, businessmen and women were requested to install CCTV near the entrances to their premises so that authorities could possibly collate proof and verification of felonies committed in Walking Street.

He suggested that businesses should protected tourists from attacks and that overcharging unsuspecting customers should be prevented too as he seeks to protect Pattaya’s image from further damage.

Mr. Somprasong informed businesses they should not employ people under the age of 20 years of age and take necessary steps to prevent weapons being taken inside venues.

The Police Chief ended with a tour of Walking Street, meeting and greeting tourist in the process, with a view reassuring them that their safety was paramount and that everything possible was being done to ensure that Walking Street would be a place of happiness.

The so called “Happy Zone” will commence on March 25th 2017.

Tell us your thoughts. Is Walking Street safe for tourist? Is there an
over reaction after the British press news articles?


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