Walking Street Targetted By Authorities

Pattaya’s biggest and most successful tourist attraction comes under fire following recent clampdowns in Soi 6 and gentlemen’s bars.

Owners and managers have been informed that they must close by 03:00 along with a list of other “cannot do” items.

Walking Street Targetted By Authorities

A flyer issued states the following:

No persons under the age of 20 are allowed, drugs will not be tolerated, no prostitution and no guns or knives.

Now most of this is common sense. Underage drinkers should not be allowed entry and easily rectified by checking ID cards.

Drugs – well that is down to the individual and of course the venue should not be selling items such as drugs.

Guns and knives? Who goes to a club full of gorgeous ladies armed with a gun? Really – does this actually happen?

Prostitution – again, the bars do not sell sexual services. This is entirely down to the individual. If a lady wants to go with a man, then it is going to happen anyway.

However, it seems that the authorities are determined to kill off tourism in Pattaya and drive people towards other nations such as Cambodia or Vietnam.

Walking Street Targetted By Authorities

How can a bar in Soi 6 make money if it cannot open before 18:00, typically during the low season?

There are too many people employed in Pattaya by bars and clubs. If you close them, unemployment in Pattaya will soar.

People who choose Pattaya as a holiday resort and buy property in the area, will simply stop coming.

By all means welcome the families to the city and build on that area of tourism but it has to happen gradually or the city faces disaster. A plan of this nature needs at least a decade to implement.

Be careful what you wish for. Pattaya needs foreign visitors to survive. The city should endorse what it has to offer but tackle problematic areas carefully and over time.

Source : Thaivisa

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  1. if they decide to clean up every thing and zero tourist come’s then why make infrastructure I E tunnel on sukhumvit road what a waste if theres no one to use it lol

  2. I understood they were going to move ALL the sex service industry into Walkin Street and ban anything outside that area. Same as Dam Square etc. The tourism minister admitted she could never close the big establishments in Walking Street because of their owners. I do agree however make it just Wslking Street.

  3. Sex -with or without a gift- can be found all over the world!
    Why to focus so much on a nice and friendly city called Pattaya?

  4. Get real guys , pattaya is such a great place to go to , just leave it alone , it’s doing no harm ,
    It’s been like this 30-40 years plus why now rediculous , just chill out ,?


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