There’s been a fair amount said about the quality of some of the water at Thai beaches of late, so it’s nice to hear for a change some positive reviews of one of Thailand’s beaches.

It was reported by Thau Rath that two videos had been filmed at a beach in Bang Saen showing crystal clear waters and an unspoilt areas of beach.

The videos were originally uploaded to Facebook group “shopjungbangsaen.”

Many people posted sceptically stating that the footage was not really following the recent bad press that the beaches along the eastern seaboard had been receiving.

The first video was said to have been filmed near Leam Thaen while the second was filmed at Wornnapha Beach.

Thai Rath encouraged people to flock to the beaches to experience the clean waters for themselves, however if you do some please make the effort to leave the beaches how you found them.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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