A woman has been arrested in connection with a theft in Pattaya’s Walking Street.

Apichai Krobpetch, head of the city’s police force said the woman had stolen a sum of money from a Yemeni tourist during the Songkran festivities.

Busaba “Jack” Kanthiya, 35, was arrested in Soi Bon Kai. She had went to the man’s room in the early hours of the morning of April 15th. While he was showering after their bedroom activities, she disappeared into the night, helping herself to 300 dollars, credit cards and other items valued at 32,000 baht.


The woman confessed immediately saying she had financial issues and needed money to pay debts.

Mr Al Safi Saeed Al Safi Ba Wazir, 33, had invited Jack to his room at the Max Hotel but was careless enough to leave valuables lying around.

It is unclear if he was reunited with his money and belongings.

Source : Sophon

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. ” she had financial issues and needed money to pay debts.”
    No doubt that it will be taken as mitigating circumstances in the land of clowns and she will get off with a telling off and having to say sorry. No wonder the reputation of Thailand in general and Pattaya in particular is so tarnished round the world with regard to tourist safety and security.


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