A woman from Pattaya, who found an iPhone on a 7/11 counter refused to return the device to its rightful owner unless she received 5000 baht for “looking after it”.

The owner offered 1000 baht but this was refused with the result being, the police being called.


The owner of the phone, who is three months pregnant, said her sister received a call from Saifon Moonchan, 45, saying she had found her iPhone but demanded 5000 baht for its return.

The Owner of The Phone

When police arrived at Soi New Plaza, the finder claimed she was within her rights to demand the cash reward for finding and looking after the woman’s phone.

She insisted that the iPhone 7 plus was easily worth 30,000 baht and that her asking for 5000 baht was a bargain!

It is unclear how the matter was resolved but hopefully the police returned the phone to the owner free of charge.

Do you know the woman who lost her phone? Let us know if she got it back OK.


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