Thai woman slashes wrists on facebook

Last week we told of a Cleveland man committing murder and showing it on Facebook Live.

Today we learn of a Thai lady who slashed her wrist and used the same feature on Facebook to show the world what she was doing.

Thai woman slashes wrists on facebook

The shocking video took place in Pattaya. When medics arrived, the distressed woman had lost a lot of blood and was in need of assistance.

Thanks to the skills of the emergency services, she received treatment in her home to slow down the loss of blood, before being taken to hospital to be cared for.

The woman who is 32-years-old was at home with her boyfriend at the time of the incident. They had been arguing when the boyfriend stormed out. When he returned, he discovered she was using Facebook Live and slashing her wrists.

He immediately called the emergency services, who arrived in time to save the woman.

The video was seen at 01:30 on Friday 21st of April.

Love Pattaya hope that the woman receives the help she desperately needs.


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