Construction crews work around the clock on weekdays to bury cables

The Provincial Electricity Authority has made the decision to instruct its crews to work 24 hours a day on weekdays in an effort to speed up the completion time of the project.

Which is moving power and utility cables below ground.

The work being carried out by PEA contractor litcholtorn Co. started on August 15, where workers are blocking off 150 metre sections of road along Central Road in Pattaya at a time in order to lay the housing which will hold the cables.

Construction crews work around the clock on weekdays to bury cables

Originally when the work first started crews were working from 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday but after seeing the chaos that the works were creating to traffic in the area they decided to step their game up to get the works competed soon than the original October 31 completion date.

The initial phase of the 75 million baht project had little impact on traffic in the city but now it has moved into its second phase between Harbor Mall and Welcome Town traffic congestion worsened prompting the increased work schedule.

And in an effort to improve safety to both the public and workers extra lights and barricades will also be added.

Source : Pattayamail

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