STICKS, brooms and a fair amount of bravery were used to rescue a dog strangled by a massive python in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the ordeal caught on camera.

The video, shared on YouTube and Facebook, begins with the lengthy serpent wound tightly around the helpless animal, the dog’s moving tail the only real sign it is alive.

One man taps the snake with a stick before another prods it more aggressively with a broom. Others move in to assist, working to roll the snake and ease its grip.

The snake’s hold on the dog is eventually loosened just enough for the men to grab the serpent’s tail and straighten it out.

Sticks and brooms were used to ease the snake’s grip.

But even without its coil-hold, the snake refuses to let go of the meal, dragging the dog along as it is pulled away.

Eventually, with a few jumps, the dog is freed.

The dog’s heroes were, reportedly, employees of a local zip-line company.

The rescue played out in June, just days after a 23-foot python swallowed an Indonesian woman who had gone to check on her veggie garden.

The video was shared on Facebook and has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

Facebook user Lup Sup Khoury commented he “would have chopped the snake into 100 pieces”.

Andy Montana had a different take, posting: “Poor snake. It’s the animal kingdom. That’s meant to happen. It has been happening for thousands of years.”

The clip generated a further 192,000 hits on YouTube channel, Food and Travel in Thailand.

“These people are kind. I know many others (including me) which would kill the snake without second thoughts,” one person posted.

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