Facebook ganja dealer

A ganga dealer, with sales worth over 100,000 baht per month has been arrested in Bangkok. The dealer had been running his illicit business via Facebook and dispatching orders via the postal system.

Earnings from his illegal trading had provided him with fairly decent lifestyle, including the purchase of a 17 million baht house, along with SEVEN other houses and condos in the Bangkok area.

Kanchai Riksaensuk, 31, was caught as police and military raided his home, where they found almost 30 kilos of compressed ganga. Further evidence collected included bankbooks, in Sakao Yanphrai’s name. The 30 year-old woman was also taken into custody.

Mr. Riksaensuk apparently hacked the Facebook account of an innocent women and was openly displaying information regarding prices and availability of the drugs, via her page.

Police investigators followed computer evidence that lead to a house in Ram Intra Soi 9, where the culprit was detained.

Amazingly, despite his wealth and properties bought, he claimed he was not a major dealer. Police offered a different opinion on the matter.


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