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A reward of 100,000 baht has been issued to anyone who is able to safely return missing buffalo Boonrod alive after he was saved from the slaughterhouse and donated to a Buffalo bank project in Khao Khor district.

Boonrod was given to a local farmer who joined the project in August, however it was discovered that the farmer had traded Boonrod for a female buffalo and a calf with a local cattle merchant which is in violation of his contract.

A meeting was held between the foundation local livestock officials as well as the police and military to discuss the missing buffalo and the project.

The foundation has requested that livestock officials check on the condition of other buffalos that had been placed with farmers all over Thailand to make sure they were all where they should be.

The farmer that traded Boonrod now faces a fine of double the value of the buffalo or 70,000 baht.

A Statement was issued on the foundations website saying any farmer who borrowed a female buffalo that did not give birth in within 3 years of having the animal could exchange it for another one with the buffalo bank.

Source: ThaiPBS

Content : Love Pattaya Thailand


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