12 Thai people who felt compromised by their physical appearance were flown to South Korea to take part in the Thai edition of a popular surgery make over show,

“Let Me In Thailand”.

They all agreed to go under the knife and have received cosmetic surgery that is simply life changing. With the season now over, we are able to reveal why they chose to appear on the show, but more importantly, we can all see the results!

1. Wongtawan “Lin” Panuprateep

Lin felt that she couldn’t find a job because her looks scared off potential employers. She hopes to find a good job now so she can provide for her family.

2. Thanyawan “Praew” Wongkuna

Praew has the figure of a model, but always felt very self-conscious about her crooked face. She has modelled jeans before, but the photographer wouldn’t use her face photos… It’s all about to change for Praew we’re sure!

3. Waleerat “Eff” Komanaket

Eff was born with a cleft lip and palate. Her condition gave her a speech impediment, but with her new look and renewed self-confidence she can now look to get the job she’s always wanted

4. Thanwarat “Jane” Maksathit

Jane was teased at school and called “Moai figure”, which is the name of the ancient stone figures on Easter Island. Even her professor mocked her at University. Eat your words professor and check out Jane’s super surgical make over.


5. Apisara “Kwang” Pholbhumirak

Kwang was often told that she didn’t deserve her boyfriend and was also called a “kateoy” because of her masculine looks.

6. Thikanporn “Nae” Pongsuwan

Nae is a singer, got received little attention because of the way she looked. Following her surgery she has now signed a contract with a country music label!

7. Woritha “Mint” Saetiew

People used to call Mint “witch” or “Moon Face”. Mint doesn’t need to hide her face anymore!

8. Jessada “Jess” Kaenpae

Jess used to having problems eating because of his protruding chin, now he looks like a TV Soap Star!

9. Patcharaporn “Toktak” Saiyawongsa

A crooked jaw caused Toktak to hide her face in a mask and also had difficulty eating. Meet the all new confident Toktak that doesn’t eat alone anymore!

10. Udomporn “Som” Assawakawinwong

With her super new smile, Som is now looking forward to getting a decent job so she can take care of her parents.

11. Nisakorn “Ni” Suebniam

As a child, Ni suffered from seizures, which contracted her jaw muscles, causing her crooked facial appearance. Ni now hopes to become and air hostess.

12. Sukanya “Bird” Preutthakorn

All Bird wanted was a normal face, we think you’ll agree, she got more than she asked for!


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