Thailand Celebrates 235 Years Of The Rattanakosin Era

Thailand celebrated 235 years of the Rattanakosin era with a variety of religious celebrations and ceremonies.

The ceremonies indicates the nations tolerance of different beliefs and regions in the Kingdom.

A brief history of Siam.
In 1767, after dominating south east Asia for almost 400 years, the Ayutthaya Kingdom was brought down by invading Burmese armies.

However, Siam recovered quickly, led by a noble of Chinese descent, by the name of Taksin, who was based in the Chanthaburi area of what is now Thailand.

Twelve months later, Taskin and his armies ousted the Burmese, re-establishing the Siam state. For a while, Thonburi became the capital.

Taskin was crowed King in 1768.

Numerous battles ensued as Taskin began to take control of the Malay Peninsula, Chiang Mai and parts of Laos.

Taksin’s leading general in this campaign was Thong Duang, known by the title Chaophraya or Lord Chakri.

In 1778 Chakri led a Siamese army, capturing Vientiane and Luang Phrabang.

Chakri would go on to become King Rama I, who would plant the first city pillar in Bangkok as it became the new capital of Siam, 235 years ago.


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