Pair Fined For Illegally Arranging Marriages In Vietnam For Foreign Men

Two men in Vietnam’s Tay Ninh province have been fined for brokering marriages for foreigners.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nguyen Thi Thuy along with Khong Anh Viet, 30, were paid 3430 before customers had the opportunity to meet their brides.

The pair were captured as they attempted to arrange meetings for three Chinese men and two Vietnamese women at a guest house in Tan Bien district, close to the border with Cambodia.

One of the accused told police that he arranged meetings for Vietnamese women who wanted to marry foreigners.

Most of the money, would be paid to the woman’s family he continued.

China has a severe shortage of women, making it difficult for men to locate suitable partners. The men search for foreign brides due to there being no ladies available in their own country.

The woman, wish to marry foreigners, in the hope of finding a better lifestyle.

The main danger from using illegal brokers however, is being caught up in human trafficking scams. There are legal marriage brokers available, that can help men and woman meet from either country and probably a safer route to take than that of the “illegal broker”.


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