Briton drowns at Patong beach

On Friday morning at around 8am, local residents noticed a drunken man making his way into the sea, he then disappeared from view and was later found drowned.

Local residents spoke to the British man who’s name was later found out to be Scott Robert Townsend, they pleaded him to not go into the water and advised him to go back to his hotel.

Unfortunately he could not be stopped and lifeguards were called but could not locate the British man so authorities were called to help with the search at approximately 10am.

Briton drowns at Patong beach

People from the Kusoldharm foundations also tried to help and search covering around 15 metres into the sea, they eventually found the deceased mans body.

It was later found that he was indeed staying at a hotel on the beach, and was leaving Thailand on the Saturday after being here from the 15th April.


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