New 4-year professional visa gets cabinets approval

 A proposal which was first made way back in March 2016 to offer four-year visas to highly skilled professionals and investors was authorised by the cabinet on Friday

Those granted the new “smart Visa” will be eligible to stay in Thailand along with their spouse and kids four up to four years without needing a work permit.

Unlike some of the other visa options they will not need to check in with immigration every 90 days, they would only need to report there once per year.

New 4-year professional visa gets cabinets approval

To qualify for the new visa you must fit into one of the following categories, you need to be an investor, high-level executive, start-up entrepreneur or a highly skilled professional, however no details have been released yet as to what skills will be granted the visa.

A spokesman for the government said that the new visa is designed to help knowledge transfer between cultures and boosts long-term economic benefits.

A more detailed report on the new visa is expected to be released online by the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit.

Source : Khaosodenglish

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