40 long-haired police officers transferred after final warning

Following last week’s final warning from “Big Peh,” the national Thai police Chief Jakthip Chaijinda that officers all across the kingdom needed to comply with his orders to smarten up there image and cut long hair forty police officers have been ordered to report to Pol Lt-Gen Suraphol Phinitchob, the commissioner of the Royal Thai Police for still having long hair considered to be inappropriate.

The order for the officers to report to the commissioner was given by Pol Col Amnart Utaramart on Sunday after an order was received on Saturday for a special task for to be established and conduct random surveys of officers to make sure everyone was complying with the national police chief’s orders.

The results from the random survey found 40 officers from varying ranks from lance corporal to lieutenant-colonel that had not complied with the order to have their hair cut.

40 long-haired police officers transferred after final warning

The final warning instructed officers to look smart while on duty making sure they are in full uniform that is in a good state of repair and that they have short, smart haircuts.

It was reported that the 40 officers identified in the random survey will all now be immediately transferred to the police operations centre.

Source : Thai PBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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