Over 46 million baht made from

It would seem there’s money in the numbers, though this time it’s not lottery numbers generating big bucks.

Its phone numbers after it was reported that an auction of some 95 “lucky” phone numbers generated a total of just over 46 million baht for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

The deputy secretary-general, Korkit Danchavivichit announced the success of their now Third auction yesterday.

Over 46 million baht made from "lucky" Phone number auction

The auction of the numbers took place yesterday morning where of the 95 numbers in the auction 36 were sold with the highest bid of 4,504,444 baht winning the number 096-9999999 which had a starting bid of three million baht attached to it.

The next highest price paid for a “lucky” number was 3,015,000 baht for the phone number 099-6999999 which had an opening bid of 500,000 baht and was bid on a total of 150 times before the winner eventually got his hands on the number.

Many of you will no doubt know that the number 555 is a popular number here in Thailand so it was no surprise that the number 099-9995555 was a popular number at the auction eventually selling for 1,530,000 baht.

What do you think? They seem like rather large sums of money to be spending on phone numbers.

Source : ThaiPBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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