7-Eleven’s brief foray into selling draft beer at their stores in Thailand has appears to have come to an end following strong opposition from anti-alcohol protestors.

The CP All group the owners of all 7-Elevens here in Thailand had begun trialling sales of draft beer from automatic vending machines at 18 branches earlier this month before the practice gained media and protestor attention.

7-Eleven pulls draft beer from stores after protests

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The CP All group announced today that they have cancelled the trial as a result of concerns raised by multiple organisations.

The announcement to cancel the trial came only hours before the Public Health Ministry was to hold a meeting regarding possible legal action against the convenience store chain in relation to the Alcohol Control Act of 2008.

Since advocates from the Stop Drinking Network and the Youth Network Against New Drinkers have submitted a request to 7-Elevens rival Family Mart Co to review their own practices regarding the sale of alcohol.

The organisations claimed that selling draft beer would increase young people’s access to alcohol and lead to more alcohol related injuries and deaths.

Source : Thenation

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