7-Eleven Suspends Draft Beer Sales Following Protests

Less than a week after 7-Eleven debuted their new draft beer dispensing machine at a store in Bangkok the convenience store chain.

Yesterday was announced that they were suspending the service across the kingdom after protests from anti-alcohol groups.

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A spokesman for CP All, the owners of all of Thailand’s 7-Eleven stores said yesterday that they would consider opinions from all sides before making a decision as to bring the service back or not.

A group of protestors gathered outside of CP All’s head office on Silom Road demonstrating in an attempt to restrict people’s access to alcohol.

One of the protestor’s banners read “drop by anytime when you want to get drunk” taking a shot at one of 7-Elevens slogans “drop by anytime you’re hungry.”

Following a meeting with CP All representatives and members of the Alcohol Business Watchdog group the decision was made to suspend the new service and review the situation.

After gaining media attention earlier in the week government officials inspected a draft beer dispensing machine in Bangkok’s Chinatown where officials decided that it did not break any of Thailand’s strict alcohol laws and gave them the ok to continue dispensing beer in that format.

However following the protests the decision has been made to temporarily suspend sales in all 18 of the trial locations.

What do you think? Is draft beer in 7-Eleven a good idea or are the protestors right to try and stop them? Is it so different to buying a bottle of beer from the stores?

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