70-year-old wakes up to find large python on his doorstep in Phuket

Probably one of the last things you would like to wake up to on a Sunday morning is an extremely large snake sitting on your doorstep but that’s exactly the rude awakening a 70-year-old man in Phuket received yesterday.

Somneug Pattanawong heard his dog barking loudly outside of his home and decided to investigate what all the fuss was about, upon opening his front door he was greeted by the sight of an extremely large python sunning itself in the early morning sunshine seemingly without a care in the world as Somneug’s dog continued to bark at it.

After ushering his dog inside Somneug contacted the local Deputy village Chief, Worarit Nakchaineramit who called in rescue workers from the Kusoldham Phuket Foundation who carefully captured the whopping 6-meter-long python which they estimated weighed at least 50 kilograms before safely storing it in a sack to be later released back into the wild.

70-year-old wakes up to find large python on his doorstep in Phuket

Large pythons are common in rural areas here in Thailand, earlier this month a rooster farmer just outside of Bangkok lost two prize winning cock’s to a hungry python before again rescue workers safely relocated it back to the wild.

Source : Phuket Gazette

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