To mark the International Day against drug and Illicit Trafficking Thai authorities destroyed 9.3 tonnes of illegal drugs that had been seized from over 6,500 closed cases.

The incineration of the narcotics was supervised by Dr Thawat Suntharajarn, assistant to the Minister of Public Health at a facility in the Bang Pa-in industrial park in Ayutthaya province on Monday morning.

9.3 Tonnes Of Drugs Go Up In Smoke.

The haul of destroyed narcotics included 7.88 tonnes of methamphetamine and had an estimated street cost of 20 million baht.

Source : ThaiPBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. The picture says 4,2 tonnes (not 7.8) which would have a street value of 8+ billion Baht (420 times more than your 20 million) #checkthefacts


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