DOMteamwork famous for shooting experimental videos for the Thai society has yet again come up with a prank video and this time it is a Thai gold digger.

The video shows a boy near Chulalorkorn University starts a conversation with a young beautiful Thai girl at a bus stop and after some casual conversation he asks her of her mobile number. The girl refuses saying she has a boyfriend.

Seconds later the boy calls a garage inquiring about his Mercedes Benz.
The girl named Earn picks interest on the boy and happily shares her number and accepts the lift.

Enquiring on why the boy clicks her picture, he says because she is a gold digger.
he finally asks her to get out of the car, picking up the garage mechanic instead.

This prank video suggests that not all Thai girls are gold diggers but this woman surely was.

Source : Newworld

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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