The sad incident on Tuesday afternoon took a life, leaving the other heaviy injured.

A trainer jet flying from the Takhlee Base in Nakhon Sawan, passing over Tak to join others at the Wing 41 Base in Chiang Mai, crashes on to a golf course near Tak’s Bhumibol Dam, at 2:30 pm, seriously injuring Group Captain Jirasak Ngamwongsri, while killing co-pilot Squadron Leader Krerkkiat Suwanno.

Unable to regain height after passing over the dam, the aircraft crashes into a tree, as reported by an eye witness.


Sam Ngao district police with fire engines reported on the accident scene to assist the matter.

Investigations regarding the crash has already begun, soon declaring the nature of the accident.

Source : The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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