Be Aware At Airports - You Could Unknowingly Become A Drug Trafficker

People are being warned against the old trick of looking after someone’s bag or taking items such as teddy bears through security at airports for others, in case they contain illegal contraband or drugs.

Dealers and traffickers are astute when it comes to finding gullible people to assist in transportation of their goods.

If you are asked to carry a bag for a stranger, especially through a security gate, politely decline and walk away. If suspicious report it to the security services.

Often an unsuspecting person will be asked to carry a large cuddly toy, through security because the little old lady has too many bags to handle. And guess what happens when they open the teddy bear and discover a load of heroin or cocaine? You guessed it – you are going to jail, probably for a long time. And worse, that little old lady will be nowhere to be seen!

You may not even reach the security gates for sniffer dogs can locate even the smallest amount of drugs with amazing ease.

Be sensible and do not carry anything that does not belong to you past security measures.


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