Alcohol Ban May Be On The Horizon For Two Important Holidays

A couple of alcohol-free days may be looming as two significant national holidays approach.

The first is October 13, which will mark the third anniversary of the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. As it falls on a Sunday this year, the bank holiday will be observed on Monday, October 14.

October 13 is also the end of Buddhist Lent, which has seen a ban on alcohol sales in the last few years. All government offices and most banks will be closed for both holidays, although some banks in larger shopping malls may remain open, as will foreign exchange booths.

An alcohol ban has yet to be announced but should come as no surprise, and will mean all bars, clubs and other entertainment venues that serve alcohol will be closed, while all convenience stores, supermarkets and other outlets that sell alcohol will not be permitted to do so during this period.


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