Alcohol Party At A Thailand McDonalds Goes Viral

Photos of Thai partygoers drinking in a McDonalds in west Bangkok made national headlines today after the partyers themselves posted the photos to their own Facebook page, has been heavily criticised online.

The photos show a group of three Thai lads and one woman drinking Lao Hhao (rice liquor) and coke whilst seeming to enjoy McDonalds fried chicken and fries.

Accompanying the pictures the revellers used the #PartyatMC.

The original poster of the pictures soon shut down his Facebook after being heavily chastised by the Thai online community.

McDonalds issued a response saying that the do not serve alcohol in their restaurants and forbid it from being brought onto the premises.

The duty manager apparently asked them to stop drinking the alcohol which apparently did not go down to well with the group of revelers.

The manager attempted to call the police but no one answered the call but she did later file a complaint with the police.

Some internet citizens pointed out that there is no sign stating that alcohol cannot be brought into the restaurant; however it is rather bad form to bring outside food or drink into a restaurant.

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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